Friday, May 16, 2014

The 'Modi'fied Brand

I feel lucky to witness such a historic moment in India and see there is no one losing the match; it’s just Mr.Modi winning it all. There was no competition, it was all one sided. Congratulations to Mr.Modi for such a wonderful victory. Mr.Modi doesn’t win it politically, he wins it passionately. I am extremely happy to see my countrymen accepting changes; rather thinking all politicians are the same and serve no better for them as well as the country.
Sensex have never been seen so high, there was a kind of nocturnal in the visual statistics showing something that was least expected. Now when we talk about Mr.Modi winning it all, I find the digital media and the wisely adapted campaigns had played a pivotal role. Mr.Modi has positioned himself in minds of everyone such a way that it was not just assertive, it was persuasive. I truly appreciate the person who came with the idea of “Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar”. The slogan really proved out to be effective and the way it went viral, what could have dared to stop it. The slogan was easy, and it made Mr.Modi a brand. People believed in the person rather than thinking which party he belonged to. Mr.Modi have brought up BJP and it’s like now the name owes gratitude to him . Today if someone sees the lotus, one only thinks of Mr.Modi and then BJP and so the party also came up to be known as “Modi Sarkar”. The campaigns that Mr.Modi had run not created interest in common man, but a desire in them to see a prosperous India ahead and a ‘modi’fied lifestyle of their own. Mr.Modi and his team had done a great job and Mr.Modi should personally thank the team who helped Mr.Modi to become a brand and a hero himself.

I wish Mr.Modi all the best so that the ray of hope never walks out of our life and whatever he does brings happiness in the world of common India. Looking forward to you Modi ji.   

          “Umeedein na honge bekaar, aagye Modi Sarkar

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