Friday, May 16, 2014

The 'Modi'fied Brand

I feel lucky to witness such a historic moment in India and see there is no one losing the match; it’s just Mr.Modi winning it all. There was no competition, it was all one sided. Congratulations to Mr.Modi for such a wonderful victory. Mr.Modi doesn’t win it politically, he wins it passionately. I am extremely happy to see my countrymen accepting changes; rather thinking all politicians are the same and serve no better for them as well as the country.
Sensex have never been seen so high, there was a kind of nocturnal in the visual statistics showing something that was least expected. Now when we talk about Mr.Modi winning it all, I find the digital media and the wisely adapted campaigns had played a pivotal role. Mr.Modi has positioned himself in minds of everyone such a way that it was not just assertive, it was persuasive. I truly appreciate the person who came with the idea of “Ab ki baar, Modi Sarkar”. The slogan really proved out to be effective and the way it went viral, what could have dared to stop it. The slogan was easy, and it made Mr.Modi a brand. People believed in the person rather than thinking which party he belonged to. Mr.Modi have brought up BJP and it’s like now the name owes gratitude to him . Today if someone sees the lotus, one only thinks of Mr.Modi and then BJP and so the party also came up to be known as “Modi Sarkar”. The campaigns that Mr.Modi had run not created interest in common man, but a desire in them to see a prosperous India ahead and a ‘modi’fied lifestyle of their own. Mr.Modi and his team had done a great job and Mr.Modi should personally thank the team who helped Mr.Modi to become a brand and a hero himself.

I wish Mr.Modi all the best so that the ray of hope never walks out of our life and whatever he does brings happiness in the world of common India. Looking forward to you Modi ji.   

          “Umeedein na honge bekaar, aagye Modi Sarkar

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Louve" @ teens:

I bet it’s only when you have the first crush on someone, becomes the best days or the sweetest memories of your life. Probably, the school days are considered to be the best days and one always want to buy the time back when we are in school. But more to it, color only add up when friends tease up, encourage up to face the fantasies come true. And then what born out for the first time, Louve(love) out of those mere fantasies.
The only time when we are happy for no reason, dancing in Pluto of earth, trying out all the divination and much more. Life becomes carefree inside, careful outside. Everyone seems amicable then. Feelings flow out without any intervention of the technical system(brain). The only time when we seem addicted without any narcotics inside. Everything becomes topsy-turvy and we enjoy the icing on the cake. And even bombing out in exams doesn’t affect much though it makes realize where we have stepped into.
The smile becomes inevitable thus making friends a clear way to peep through what’s going on. Well, these are common symptoms seen in every being suffering from the syndrome “Louve” and these symptoms are generally seen to occur in ages of teens where children grow up to the next level and carry out experiments more than provided in a book of physics or chemistry and the best part is it’s all biological.
Having a crush on someone for the first time is all equal to the first step you take since your birth and it’s all memorable, the first by you and the second by your loved ones.

            “Feel those days coming back.”

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Letter to my dad

Dear Dad,
I am out with a pen and piece of paper in my hand, still blank and unable to decide what I want to write down. I thought of writing to you before but my hands never took the guts neither my head took the pain. I don’t know what I will be sharing today or what else I will miss out to share but I want you to read this and know that a son really cares for his dad and it is felt better when he closes his eyes thinking about the Almighty asking him if he really cares about the person (it’s you, dad) who brought him to this world irrespective of all the odds that usually a relation of dad and son quotes.
I have never hated you; I always hated the circumstances that make me think badly of you at that particular time. I have never blamed you; though I always blamed the person who seems to be responsible inside you whatsoever the reason making the situation worse for me at that time. I have never seen you promising me something neither getting the best for me and I know it’s reciprocal for you too.
However dad, this happened only because I have always expected something better without looking at the efforts you have put on me, drenching out blood and sweat every day at work just to secure my future. I feel embarrassed but I need to confess keeping my ego aside which built into my system long back ago when things went beyond the thoughts.
I thank you papa, not for what you have provided; for I will always feel you could have done a little better for me but I thank you for always being there with me, not listening to me but understanding the pain and pleasure my heartfelt at each and every moment. I know you can’t take the pain out of your eyes which will prove you feeble at mind but I am good enough to see the pain you take out being silent at times. I can’t ever tell you how much do I care for you, and miss you. I want myself to be a spirit who can take charge at anybody so that I can know what bothers and trouble you, what can make you the happiest person in this world so that I leave no stone unturned to turn up to your desires, wishes and expectations.
Hey dad, it isn’t a thanksgiving to you and I don’t want you to think the same. I just want you to feel whatever it’s inside me. You are indeed the best dad of the world and if you feel sorry for anything just remember the last written words of this letter.
                                                                                   Yours’ egoist son.

“I love you dad. You make me proud”.