Thursday, January 1, 2015

Aideu 2014

After a long time I am writing again and I think I need to. Indeed, I should let everyone know how I banged 2014. It was a great year with no doubt. Every single day was a lesson, a treat and lots more. Days went by, months passed and now I am standing watching the sky lit up welcoming a new year.
Thanking mom and dad would always be a part of my journey and not only me; you would thank your parents too. And what else?
Well, there’s more. I started chasing my dreams and thanks to Rhonda Bryne, the other woman behind my success. Every little thing which I wished, I would feel it and therefore the universe conspired to make it happen. I am happy and satisfied.  Without any expectations from other and keeping faith on myself, I have achieved and lived my dreams. And as the year end, I have that broad smile on my face as I have been able to keep my resolution in pace without losing the grip on it.
Concepts defined and perceptions made are sometimes wrong. Like, I am not the CEO of a company or a celebrity and there’s nothing like I have become the Kubera of India, but people do believe that being wealthy is being happy since wealth do buy happiness most of the times. What if you pursue something that you love and what if achieving something makes you really happy, happy from the heart and mind. And believe me, it’s not always the money, though it can one of them but also it can be those small thousand dreams that you live every day.
This 2014 I had a visit to the exquisite north east of India, a smaller part or region of the country but an evergreen beauty. Every year visiting a part of the north east made me feel good but 2014 made me took a step ahead of living my dreams of traveling around by starting it from my homeland itself and therefore starting with the unexplored beauty of north east. And now I would carry on, traveling from one place to other every year, maybe or definitely. Thanks to Mr. Vaibhav Rajam who made it happen.
I always wished my life to be short and sweet. Possibly, it can be short or it is as the future is always unpredictable but sweet? The term always vary from person to person where for me turning for events; socializing and partying hard lets me live another aspect of life. I feel happy and that’s how my life seems to be sweet. 2014 gifted those moment too.
Talking about your girlfriend is a big deal and just expressing your feelings through social media can be harassing to most of the people. So no more addressing around and thanks to her for being there always with me. She is quite strong and influential and that’s what I always liked about her.
2014, you were so good and great. You gave a good head start. Though you disappointed me a number of times and also brought troughs along with crests, it’s ok to have that balance. The year was so lovely and yes I felt like living every moment again.

P.S: 2015, be nice to me like your mother 2014.