Sunday, May 10, 2015

Being Socially Liberal!!

I followed her everywhere, tracing into every nook of the digital medium. From facebook to linkedin, and bloggers to wordpress, there could be a very small number where I may have spared her. Every piece of information helped me to know her a little and by now when the pen started to explore words on the page and the mind and hand are trying to make a lot of combination, I feel fully acquainted of her. You may have assumed it by now that my request had been flooding all over her accounts on digital medium and she might have got irritated seeing the request of a single person everywhere, unaware of the guy and why he is after her for now intuition of every single men in this country is considered fetishist to an Indian women. But to the contrary, none of the attempts made it and it’s the privacy policy which landed me up in vain.

I could not see the Add as a friend option on her facebook page though I could view all her details, right from her likes to contact information tab where there are number of links that would drive me to her other accounts and it was a complete waste of time just getting redirected from place to place like a beggar. A number of profile pictures were promulgated so that atleast we can feel lucky enough to know that she really exist and should not be considered as an extinct species. She is beautiful and hot and that’s why privacy is inevitable to her accounts?? Not at all, it makes any sense with her physical traits. It is such an incredulous to see a contradictory intellectual or irrelevant matter of facts.
                         Well, facebook was the second choice since I had made the first attempt at linkedin to connect professionally where I could have done all the required discussions and probably end up the subject matter but invitees were required to know her mail id and it is only possible if you do really know her like the back of your hand; not professional enough.  And then chasing her to facebook reinvented the lost hope, only guiding me to embrace disappointment. I had the last option available, texting her so that she would check her inbox to know who I am and why I have supposed to appear like a bug sticking all around her digitally. I am requesting her to know me but wait; now this should be overruled. I need to pay 22 bucks to facebook for sending that message directly to her inbox or else my message gets spammed?? Whoa!! Are you trying to do business with my lost emotions or state of despair? I couldn't help but move on as the result of juxtaposition of the privacy policy and her absurd intellectuality.

I just tried to justify and console myself with the thought of enlightening the theory of relativity and orienting the same with whatever happened a few minutes ago which seemed farcical.

P.S: This is a work of fiction where the intention was to throw a light on the privacy policies on digital platform and how the excessive use of it on your profile can leave the mark of counting you in as a conceited fool.

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